Thursday, July 21, 2011 US$ 41 million raise on Twitter.

I was trying to get an overview of the raise of US$ 41 million on Twitter and the results are quite interesting:

1) Most tweets are in fact "retweets" of primary source of information with no value added content;

2) Twitter has a role of selecting the right primary sources which in this case are the wsj, VentureBeat and the press release; in a sense, it create a perfect market place for news where the news that are most retweeted are the winners because they are the most read;

3) Twitter was not conversational in this case or not on this subject: some people tried to make sense of such a big round and for which purposes. Some people were suspicious of the business model (would people pay? will the company sell data to advertisers...) but nobody really engaged with them. Maybe the news of this fund raise was not exciting enough and I will keep trying to find other news that are more conversational.

Note that I was only able to find less than a handful of reference of the fund raise on Google Plus. It may be that people are sharing information privately or that Google is not doing a great job at indexing Google Plus yet.

Anyway, congrats to on this round. They are great partners and we look forward to more interaction with this fabulous team.

Attached is the storify story with the most interesting or most retweeted tweets:

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