Saturday, September 16, 2006

Are the US behind in Open Source adoption?

I was reading two studies on Open source lately, one from IDC and the other from Gartner both of them published in July 2006. IDC has surveyed 5000 developers worldwide and found that 71% of the developers in the world are using Open Source and that Open Source software is being used in 54% of their organization. At the same time, Gartner had surveyed a sample of 314 North American companies and found that only 17% of the large and medium size organizations and 28% of companies from 500 to 2499 employees are using Open Source internally.

IDC doesn't give any information around adoption in different part of the world but talking to CEO of open source companies, it is clear that South East Asia and Eastern Europe are early adopters and, if we can link those two studies,it sems to confirm that the US companies are behind in term of open source adoption.

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